0% Financing with Love That Door: FAQs

How does 0% financing work with Love That Door?
  • If customers are interested in our 0% financing option, they are directed to apply using the link to our financing partner available on our website, or the link provided during their in-store or at-home consultation. Once they are directed to the Advancial Financing application, customers can easily fill out the necessary information. Upon completion and submission of the form, Love That Door is notified of the new pending applicant. The application is reviewed, and once the buyer is qualified and accepted, we will contact the customer to let them know that their application has been approved and can now move on to processing their order. Once approved, clients can then begin the CAD designing process.

How do I qualify?
  • In order to receive financing, customers must sign up for an Advancial membership. Customers can apply even if they do not previously have a membership. Their membership account will be created upon application approval.

How do I know if financing is right for me? What are the benefits of financing my door?
  • Financing is a great option if you’re looking to get your project designed and into production without worrying about out-of-pocket costs during longer lead times. 
  • Financing offers a great “buy now, pay later” option that is perfect for customers who want to get a project up and running without being slowed down by financial complications. 
  • With Advancial Financing, buyers can take advantage of 0% interest for 12 months. During the promotional period, no interest is accrued, and there are no annual fees or penalties. After the 12-month period, APRs are determined based on creditworthiness.

What payment plans does LTD offer?
  • If a customer chooses the 0% financing option, all repayment terms are managed by Advancial Financing. If they want a different plan, Love That Door offers a three-tiered payment plan:

    Step 1: 50% of the purchase is required upfront as a deposit.
    Step 2: 40% of the purchase is due upon installation.
    Step 3: The remaining 10% is due upon final touch-up and after all work has been completed.
  • Love That Door accepts payments by cash, check, credit card, or financing.

How long does it take to get financing for my door?
  • The financing approval process is typically very quick. Approvals can occur within 24-48 hours of application submission. 

If the idea of paying 50% upfront and being out-of-pocket has been slowing down your decision and journey to a new door, don’t let it keep you from creating a home you'll love! Request a quote today and apply for 0% financing to get started on designing the door you’ve been dreaming of.