Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Areas in the Fall

Are you trying to think of ways to enjoy your back yard this fall? You can still enjoy your back yard in the colder months in Texas if you just take into consideration a few things that will make your back yard oasis an enjoyable part of home.

There are many things to think about when you are planning to create an outdoor living space from scratch or revamping the space you already have. With a few helpful considerations, you can enjoy your new outdoor living space all year around.

Adding Warmth

The most important part of a fall friendly outdoor living space would obviously be adding warmth. There are many ways to incorporate added warmth to your living space outdoors. A fire feature of some sort is probably the most obvious way. There are many different options here such as a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Both of these options can be very decorative depending on how you want to design them. You could design a custom wrought iron gate for your fireplace or cover for your firepit that would not only offer protection but also provide an elegant look to your outdoor warmth. Now you have a relaxing cozy space that can be romantic or just a comfy place to curl up with a good book. These warm additions make a great place to gather when you have company and enables you to take advantage of the outside longer, while still staying comfortable.


Considering you will most likely be enjoying your new outdoor living space in the evening, lighting needs to be taken into consideration as well. The fall/winter months offer less sunlight in the evenings than the summer months, so for safety and comfort reasons for you and your guests, lighting is very important. Adding lighting to your outdoor environment can add a festive element and give it a good vibe. Kind of like being some place besides your home but with all your home amenities.

Installing good landscape and deck/patio lighting can accent the comfort of your outdoor space and make a bold statement. Adding a unique wrought iron lantern or iron chandelier type light can really give the space a cozy, elegant look.

Consider a Kitchen

One of the most enjoyable things to do outdoors is cook or grill. If you are planning to do a lot of entertaining in the fall season it may be time to consider a full outdoor kitchen this year. There are many variations of this considering your budget. You can choose just a grill with a sink or you can create a stove, sink, bar and refrigerator. This not only expands your living space but it encourages your guests to hang outside around your cozy new fire pit and be social. Plus the atmosphere that great smelling food creates is always something to enjoy!


When choosing outdoor furniture in Texas you better think about the weather because your furniture will take a beating due to all the wind, sun, and rain Texas has to offer. Your outdoor furniture options will need to be made from heavy and durable materials but also something you can dress up with some colorful pillows to make it look more engaging.

You will want to cover your outdoor seating area with an umbrella or some sort of canopy cover I you do not have one built into your home as it will get piping hot in the Texas summers so beware!

So don’t dread the cooler weather, embrace it by fighting back and refuse to hibernate!