Buying an Iron Door: Your Questions Answered


In many ways, having a custom wrought-iron door is like having a piece of artwork adorning the front of your house. Just like any other piece of art, you want to be sure that your door stays in good condition so that it can maintain its aesthetic appeal and retain its artistic integrity for years to come. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your entry door stays beautiful and in good working condition.


"How much do iron doors cost?"

When shopping for an iron door the cost can vary from one retailer to another depending on the style you choose, the size of the door, customization and scrollwork, and many other factors. At Love That Door, we sit down with every one of our customers to map out their needs and wants for their project and then give an accurate estimate as to how much the project will cost. 

If you're interested in getting a free estimate for your home or commercial setting, get in touch with one of our locations or fill out a commission form by visiting our website so one our Design Consultants can help you. Love That Door also offers 0% financing for those who qualify to ensure your dream door happens on your terms. 

"What is wrought iron?"

Wrought iron is an iron alloy that contains a low amount of carbon. Unlike cast iron, which is iron that has been melted down and then poured into a mold, wrought iron is heated to extremely high temperatures and then bent and shaped into its desired form. 

Wrought iron's malleability makes it perfect for hammering and forging into intricate, and unique designs. Even though wrought iron is malleable, it is stronger than cast iron. Wrought iron actually becomes stronger every time that it is heated and then worked. 

Love That Door wrought iron products are created using only the world's most robust and longest-lasting ten and 12-gauge steel, so you can be sure that your home is protected by the strongest door on the market,

"Do wrought iron doors rust?"

Wrought iron doors are highly durable and resistant to the elements. Still, just like any other metal product exposed to the outdoors, your wrought iron door will eventually show signs of aging and rusting especially if it is a powder coated iron door which can often show signs of rusting, oxidizing, and color loss. Usually, powder coated iron doors are treated with a rust-protectant coat, similar to how paint protects the metal of your car. 

Love That Door's iron products are among the industry's leading products that are backed by an incomparable warranty that is guaranteed for ten years and are engineered for maximum protection. All of our iron doors are dipped in zinc and then sprayed three times. A high-density steel paint and clear coat are then applied twice to ensure maximum protection against wear and tear.

"Are wrought iron doors safe?"

When it comes to the safety and security of your home, you can feel confident in choosing a wrought iron door. Unlike wooden doors, which are more susceptible to damage over time and less resilient, wrought iron doors are solid and long-lasting without sacrificing style and beauty. Because our doors are designed with the threshold and jamb welded together as one unit, and the doors secured by commercial grade hinges not only ensures the integrity of your door lasts but will keep you and your family safe.

"How do I maintain my door after it's been installed?"

Basic door maintenance usually includes oiling the hinges and keeping the door clean. Cleaning your door is a pretty basic process; all it takes is a mild cleanser (like castile soap) and a non-abrasive cloth. Be sure to dry the door off after cleaning it to eliminate as much moisture as possible from the surface.

"Why choose wrought iron?"

Not only is wrought iron secure and durable, but it is also stunning, sophisticated, and highly customizable. With wrought iron, you don't have to sacrifice style for utility. 

"Iron vs. steel: what's the difference?"

One of the main differences between iron and steel is their classification. Iron is a naturally-occurring metal that can be derived from the Earth. In contrast, steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Steel is actually stronger and more durable than iron. However, even though it may be a bit stronger, it is also harder to work with and less malleable. No matter which you choose, you can be sure that any product from Love That Door will be of the highest quality.

Ready to get started on your journey to wrought iron perfection? Fill out our commission form to get in touch, or visit one of our Love That Door design centers today!