b'Your New Door GuaranteeWe guarantee to build your door using the highest quality steel throughout the entire process.All of our doors are fabricated with a 10-gauge steel jamb and 12-gauge steel doors.All doors will have an optional operating glass panel and optional magnetically attached removable screen(s) to be able to enjoy ventilation while still maintaining security.We offer a beautiful selection of finish options/glass/handles to meet any of your needs.All doors have been dipped in a hot zinc process, then sprayed with an acrylic primer which is then baked on. The doors are then sprayed twice with the selected color and clear coated for protection,thus prevent any rusting/fading.All doors and frames are filled with closed cell,high density foam, for the highest quality insulation and sound dampening. All doors include our 10-year limited warranty for the factory finishfrom the date of installation.We also offer a one-year warranty on any seal breakage of tempered glass.For all other components, we offer a one-year warrantycovering weather stripping,door sweep, window latches and flush bolts. For a more detailed description or for any additional questions, please feel free to contact our officeor the sales representative you have been speaking with.We thank you, and are pleased that you have considered doing business with Love That Door!!!You dream it, we can BUILD IT!www.lovethatdoor.com 39'